Jun 25, 2007

Morning musings

I love tea. I love watching the steam curl as it rises from the cup. I love the aroma, whether the tea contains herbs and spices or whether it is black or green tea. It fills my mind with memories and wakes me up in the morning. As I drink my tea, I am often inspired to write my thoughts down, and that has ultimately resulted in this blog.

I love to write, also. I always have. Since I was a child, I wrote my thoughts and feelings, stories and poems. Sometimes I found my writings being ridiculed by others and that put a damper on things, but it couldn't squelch the writer in me. Writing is a hard thing, though, because none of the facial expressions, tone of voice, or body language is able to be included without additional narrative.

I love knitting. When I knit, it's as if I am creating a story with the yarn and needles. Each row of stitches is created with intent, stories and feelings woven in between each stitch, thoughts and emotions follow the yarn around the needles, creating a lacy history for someone to love and wear. I think of my knitted creations as filled with magic and love, each one made with a special meaning, each one a work of my imagination. Each one with a happy ending when it is ready to be worn.

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Greenwoman said...

Ooooh! I adore tea also. Its my favorite. Truly. I think of it as medicine for the heart and mind...its a meditation to drink it. *smiles*