Apr 28, 2007

Saturday morning

Saturdays are always good for me. I know I don't have to go to work, I can have the day to do my stuff. Omar is at work for half the day and then, likely he will play soccer in the afternoon, so I have the majority of the day to myself.

This morning, I made myself an omelet and tea. I love cinnamon-clove tea. There's something about the steam rising, the aroma, the sweetness that makes my morning. The omelet was made with two eggs, chopped onion, chopped green beans, and bean sprouts. Then I sat down to knit.

I couldn't figure out why my capelet wasn't turnng out and discovered that I had miscounted my cast-on stitches...duh. So this morning, I ripped it out and started completely over. Two hundred seventeen stitches...nothing more, nothing less. I made a capelet earlier, a crocheted one, but I have been making capelets from that same pattern for 6 months, so I decided to change to another pattern. I need a little variety in my life! So I'm moving way from the crocheted flower capelet and going to a knitted arrowhead lace capelet, if I ever get my cast-on count correct.

Celeste is good company this morning. She's played for a couple of hours, tried to steal a sip of my steaming hot tea (and scorched her tongue), and is now trying to wangle a spot on my lap to snooze as I type. We need to get out on the bike path this morning before she gets obnoxious. Sometimes I haven't enough patience with her, I know. And she often gets into things that she knows full well she shouldn't. I've heard that this is an opportunistic breed of dog and she certainly fits the description. I love her. I do get tired of being the bad guy and the strict mommy. It seems like, lately, my spoken vocabulary has been limited to "No...no Celeste...Celeste, no!...no no no no no...Celeste, what are you doing!?! Get out of that, Celeste...no Celeste...Celeste,no!" Quite a conversationalist, aren't I?

1 comment:

LisaCatherine said...

Always start with the offenders Name... i.e. Samson, NO.

then they can't say they didn't know you meant THEM... They are real clear by using the name first that you mean them and your not kidding !!

LOL if that doesn't work, make a stinker stick, Samson would be happy to tell you the evils of that, and swat her butt.

Stinker Stick Directions:
Two layers of news paper, rolled tight, held together with a rubber band or yarn...

Same idea, "Name, NO, swat"... this in theory works !! LOL. Good luck ??

Love ya !! HUGS Lisa Catherine