Apr 12, 2007


I apologize if this photo makes the blog load up slowly, but I have to post this. I got this when I FINALLY got my e-mail open. It's too precious not to share. The dog's face is just perfect!


LisaCatherine said...

Not so slow to open this time !! Great picture !! How wonderful prayer is, even animals know to kneel a give thanks. HUGS Lisa Catherine

Miss Halfway said...

i got that e-mail as well!! i just couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that image!!

thanx for your comment, and i'll try my best to put it into practice.

i am sure there must be a way of telling things gently, but it's not the case with me.. i may start really calm and understanding... but i lose my termper quite easily:S and the person i have to talk to does not accept the possibility that she might be acting in a wrong way, and those two things put together make it a bit hard to have a proper conversation.

i really do wish i was stronger sometimes and just say what i mean without getting all nervous..

have a good weekend and forgive me for taking so long in writing back!

knitphomaniac said...

That is just too cute! :)