Apr 19, 2007

Little Lost Siberian

This evening, we all (Omar, Celeste, and I) went for a walk. Up and down the bike path for a little while, then down to the market block to find something to eat. We were hoping to work some of the sass out of Ms. Blue Eyes (THAT didn't work) and neither of us felt like cooking. We got our carry-out hamburgers at the Mi Carcochita (My Little Old Jalopy)hamburger stand and mosied on home.

Just as we were waiting to cross Salaverry Avenue (one of the busiest thoroughfares in my part of town), we spied a bushy little tail dodging traffic. After crossing, we caught up with the bushy tail and it turned out to be another Siberian Husky - withut his people and apparently lost. He stopped on the sidewalk across from our apartment building and just looked around. As we approached him, he turned some soulful and sad blue eyes on us. Celeste fell silent and completely still, for once. His collar was tied to him with a piece of electrical wire and a nylon strap, both of which had been chewed through. He was young and dirty, thin, and forlorn looking. We stood with him for a few minutes and talked about what to do. I could tell by looking at Omar that he wanted to take him inside, but his better judgement told him that 2 dogs in a tiny flat would be next to impossible. The dog seemed to know, too, that he couldn't be with us. After a few moments, we parted ways - the dog continuing on his search and we went on home.

Inside, I looked at silent little Celeste (the silence only lasted half a second) and thought how lucky she was to have a real home and not be tied up somewhere or chained to a tree or be lost wandering the streets. She seemed to know how sad the Siberian boy on the sidewalk was.


Kary said...

O - the poor little lost pup. I hope he has already found his loving home!

LisaCatherine said...

" After a few moments, we parted ways - the dog continuing on his search and we went on home"

Good thing I wasn't there, he would have come home with me. Can you catch him and take him to the shelter maybe, OR this was my first idea, ask the Nuns if they would like a nice dog to help around the convent. Just an idea !!

Love you, HUGS Lisa Catherine