Apr 24, 2007

Aaahhh...the good stuff

Finally, FINALLY I have a chocolate bar. A beautiful, melt in your mouth, milk chocolate with nothing added, sweet, creamy, chocolately Hershey's chocolate bar. AND a Pepsi. Chocolate and sweet, fizzy caffeine...what could be better for the complete sugar fix?

Celeste and I went to the market today and I BEGGED the candy store man for chocolate. "Please, Mr. Candy Seller, I NEED chocolate. How come I'm not seeing the leftover box of Valentine's Day chocolates? I NEED it. Chocolate, nothing but chocolate." And guess what?! He pulled out a real Hershey's chocolate bar! I caught myself drooling as I paid him and gingerly, reverently, every so gently took the candy bar and slide it into my bag with the bread. When we got home, Celeste sat with me as I collapsed on the living room floor and drew the chocolate bar out of the bag.

I smelled it. Celeste smelled it. She watched with fascination as I took the outer wrapper off. She moved a little closer, to get a better look at the beautiful brown color and to sniff the wonderful chocolatey aroma, and...I GROWLED at her. She sat back, grabbed her rawhide chew toy and let me eat my goody.

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LisaCatherine said...

ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS Mental Health Help for this dear !! LOL LOL.... What a wonderful picture you drew with your words... Your great !!