Apr 11, 2007

my *sob* plants...

Apparently pups and plants don't mix. Puppies LOVE to shred the plants, up root the plants, chew up the plants, but the plants don't return the love. My last potted plant was uprooted last night - TWICE. I don't know what the attraction is for Celeste...the plant just is there, not bothering anyone, not making a sound, but apparently somehow, in puppy language, begs to be destroyed. I took some cuttings from this plant earlier in the week, in hopes that I could transplant them in the OTHER pot, that suffered from Celeste's love, but I may have to go find some more ivy to take the place of the plant that I am watching slowly die today.

So, last night, Celeste was severely chastized after ripping up my last plant. She spent the night pouting, and didn't even scream this morning. Not a good way to get a decent night's sleep, but maybe now she'll stay out of the plants, should I get the chance to replace them. And this morning, Ms. Blue Eyes was so pleasant, I couldn't believe it was the same dog. She's resting quietly on my lap now, almost too big to be doing that, and feet and head hanging over the side. She's discovering her voice now...the soft wooo wooo wooo hasn't quite made it yet (I wonder if it ever will), but she's working some new yodely Husky words in with the barking. She has kind of a rough sounding voice right now, but I think it's because she does the majority of her talking when she's really excited.

Uuufff...property taxes came due this month...there was no warning, just a big bill that showed up in the mail. Crap. That was money I was hoping to put toward a hot water heater. I don't look forward to bathing another winter in a cooking pot.


LisaCatherine said...

Your bathing in a pot off the stove ?? We had a water heater in Kabul for goodness sake... We couldn't drink the water or we'd die, but it got really HOT.

Celeste the plant eater... buy a tall table, put plants on top of table and try again hon. Don't give up on either, she will learn, honest !!

Miss you, HUGS Lisa Catherine

Beth said...

I've given up trying for plants. My culprit is the cat though.