Apr 27, 2007

Drama Queen and the Stash Grows

I've been awake since Celeste began bawling at midnight. She ate her chew toy on Wednesday and yesterday had nothing to fling around. Ms. Violet is in the laundry, awaiting her turn in the wash tub (no, I don't have a washing machine nor do I have a dryer NOR do I have a clothesline) and the hanger to dry herself on, so Celeste was lonely last night. At the moment, she is snoozing on my lap until it's time to go visit the pet store and get another chaw of rawhide. I wish I could snooze that easily. When I'm tired during the day, I just get cranky, so look out. I'm cranky.

We went yesterday to see if we could get a rawhide thing for her, but the store didn't open when it was supposed to, and after walking the block for a while, we decided to go home without it. We'll go later today and see if the store is open. But yesterday, while we were crossing the street, Celeste decided to run in front of me and leap on my leg. It's a thing she pulls every so often, and I usually see it coming, but this time we were in the middle of the street and I was watching cars, not Celeste. She jumped on my leg, grabbed my pants in her teeth, and I almost fell. And in catching my balance, stepped out farther than usual...and stepped on Celeste's toes. She, of course, screamed bloody murder, and at length. She stepped back from me and looked right in my face and SCREAMED for 2 solid minutes. She screamed as I was dragging her from the intersection. She screamed as we reached the sidewalk. She screamed as I felt her toe to be sure there was no damage. She screamed as we continued down the sidewalk. By that time, I think she was enjoying her role as the victimized drama queen. She screamed until I told her it was time to stop screaming. Then, oddly, she took a breath, paused, and shut her mouth.

I can't take the same route to the pet store, because all those people who were there on the street think I torture my dog in public for sport. That jumping and grabbing thing is something that I've been trying to correct for a while now, but when Celeste is in a playing mood, she doesn't see correction for what it is. She thinks it's part of the game. I didn't mean for things to happen the way they did, but maybe now she'll understand that jumping on anyone is not a good thing.

My half-ripe tomato red sweater has morphed into a capelet. Before that, it was in the third row of a crocheted poncho. I still am envisioning a sweater in this color, but maybe that will come later, or maybe I'll end up ripping out the capelet and going back to the sweater.

While I was out the other day, I found some different yarn. It's an alpaca/acrylic blend. I'm looking at the label, and it says "100% alpaca-acrylico". It seems odd to me that they would blend alpaca with acrylic, but that's just me. Maybe in time, all alpaca yarn will be available. I have a few projects already in the works, so I'll wait for a while to start something with that. Until then , my yarn stash grows.

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