Apr 12, 2007

Phooey on e-mail

I have been trying for two days to open my e-mail, but it's just not happening. Forgive me if I haven't written, but I'm trying! Maybe after my class this evening, I'll be able to answer whatever e-mails there are in my inbox. Thanks for your patience.

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LisaCatherine said...

Email, ummm, email and I are not one... it does it's thing and I rant about it. When you can get on you can read my ramblings there...

Hon, your pictures of the dogs lock up your web page even on high speed net, it could be the size, takes awhile to load your page now.

Folks got in safe, they still have some flu bug but are safe at least. It's 4:30ish pm and the snow has started to fall. Ughh.

HUGS Lisa Catherine