Apr 23, 2007

Monday Musings

I'm almost finished with the long pink vest. I've decided that I will put this one up for sale. It is long, about mid-thigh length, and about a size 14 - 16. I need to put an edge on the front, the neckline, and the arm holes. No buttons for this one. I added a tie closure to it, and I like it. I still haven't made a hat to go with it yet, but I do have enough yarn, I think, to do that. I wore the red vest to a meeting on Saturday and I liked it, too. I felt a little bit like a school girl in my mid-calf length jean skirt and vest, but it was fun to wear, and I think that's what it's all about. I mean, if you don't enjoy wearing your clothes, then you're wearing the wrong things...right?

I gave Celeste a bath on Sunday and she cried like I was skinning her alive. After she dried, we went outside for a few minutes and GAH!!! She ran through the grass and came back with fleas. Most of yesterday was spent scratching and biting at herself. So this morning, I made a flea treatment for her of essential oils and olive oil and poured it on her, rubbed it all over her and found fleas running to the ends of her ears and toes. They couldn't run far, because they were coated in olive oil and getting them off her was much easier. They didn't jump; they didn't escape, either. I got about 7 off of her; I know there are more, but they're either taking a prolonged break or they smothered in the oil. I need to find a way to get something better. This is the first place that I've had to deal with fleas and, at times, I feel like I'm at my wits' end. I haven't found anything here, like Advantage, that can be given to the dog to keep her comfortable and keep the fleas out of my house.

Today is so different than Saturday was. Today, Celeste is sleeping in my lap as I write this. She hasn't tried to eat my shoes, shows no interest in the woodwork, ate her food without so much as a whimper, and watched with interest as I fixed her bed in the washtub. She hopped in and out of it a couple of times to try it and then went on about her business.

I've read all my dailies. I found "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman", and felt so bad for her when her little son burnt himself at the calf branding...in between laughing till I cried at her description of showing up at the hospital in her greasy weekend hair, crotchless pajama bottoms, and old green sweatshirt. Lisa is inspiring me with her search to help her community and Andrew is giving moral support to Rosa, who is on fighting the urge to use crack again. Lisa and Andrew are so strong! I wish I had that kind of strength. Pim made strawberies with vanilla sauce and simple but beautiful flower decorations in jars for her table. Maggie almost bought a horse at an auction and brought back memories to me about farm auctions. Bird Chick made a video of Ms. Cinnamon Rabbit's busy nose in the park. I found several gardening and farming blogs that take me back home for a brief moment. I love all of these blogs and hope that others will read them and enjoy them. I've enjoyed the search for them, sifting through many other wonderful blogs in the process. I wish I was so talented and inspiring.


Rani said...

Have you tried "Frontline" for the fleas? It is a chemical, but it kills the fleas and you only have to put it on the pup once a month . . .

kathleen said...

I haven't found Frontline or anything similar here in Peru, yet. I'm hoping to, but I just haven't seen it yet. I think the price might make it less popular here, since the economy is about a third of what it is in the US. The search continues!