Apr 20, 2007

A Room With A View

Behind our building is a convent. It is not open to the public, and people are only invited there on certain occasions. The nuns throw a fund raiser luncheon periodically and invite those who are endowed with plenty of cash. During lunch, the nuns sing and play musical instruments, and we can her the music. It's beautiful, even though we aren't welcome inside.

Everyday, I enjoy this view from my bedroom window. It kind of makes up for not having my own yard and listening to city traffic all day. Beautiful, isn't it?

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LisaCatherine said...

What a great view !! Do you know what they do there, what Order they are, anything like that ?? Since they live within the walls, I'm sure they do a lot of prayer hours and work inside the convent...
IF I had a party where I needed to raise some money, I think I'd be sure to invite at least few 'rich' friends who would like to help with my work. Just think of the gift it is to you, you get to listen for free !!
I'd love your view, I get to look outside and down at our cranky mean ol' landlord.