Apr 27, 2007

Back From Our Walk

Yeay! We just came in from outside, going to the pet store to get Celeste her chew toy and visiting the local artisan fair that's 2 blocks the other way. She was so good! No throwing herself into traffic, no jumping and grabbing legs while crossing the streets, no drama, no tantrums. Just a good honest dog and what a pleasure she was! I know it's too much to ask for right now, but I wish she was this good all the time. With time, she'll be a great dog. For now, I guess I have to settle for a great little girl sometimes and brat the rest of the time. For now, she's worked the kinks out, blown off some steam, and is happily working on her chew toy.

I just quickly walked through the artisan market with Celeste and most of the stuff I saw was the usual. Nothing jumped out at me, except some knitted socks. I'm thinking of picking up a few pairs of those to get me through the winter; I have enough projects going at the moment.

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