Apr 18, 2007

Celeste and a tan sweater

Celeste is growing like a little weed. She's ornery, head strong, intent on chewing up something, almost anything, and lots of fun most of the time. We go trotting on the bike trail a couple of times a day, to keep all the boundless energy in check, and it does help. I'm glad she's so happy to go along. We're slowly working our way towards disgarding the potty papers. She's just discovered that it's okay to potty outside, even if there are no papers to be found. The photos are a little blurry, partially due the my shaky hands and partially due to the fact that she's in motion all the time.

Below is the tan sweater that I finally got finished with. It's an interesting looking sweater...I like it, but I need to adjust the buttonholess...they're just a touch too big. It's not the best I've ever done, but it's warm when I need it to be and I can wear it with my "what do I wear with this" skirts!

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