Aug 31, 2008

Stash Bustin' Sunday

Today I finally finished the mittens that I started in the wool that I bought from The Knotty Sheep - Lover's in a Rose Garden. I felted them a bit after finishing. I think they're pretty! They should be warm, too!

I also made a wine cozy. Very quick project, and so useful! Everybody knows that we need to keep our wine cozy! Actually, it helps to keep the wine at temperature after it's been chilled.

It turned out nicely, so my next one will be more decorative and festive! Guess what you all are getting for Christmas this year! Heh, just kidding. I don't have THAT big of a stash...or do I?

Mom, who really keeps their wine cozy?


Wooly Works said...

Hmmm... a wine cozy. That sounds, um, interesting. Hmmm... I don't know why you don't just keep it in the frig. Unless your going to a party where they'll have wine and then you can just stick it in their frig. That's how I would do it. But I don't drink wine either so I guess this project just isn't clicking in my mind. Again I say hmmm...

Kathleen said...

Well, it was a quick and easy knit, and fun to make, so there are probably more cozy wine bottles in the future, even if I do have a fridge or if there is a fridge at a party that I might go to. I'm not a huge party fan right now, so I can't say much in that respect.

And, as Celeste says, "Who really keeps their wine cozy anyway?"

Still, fun to make! A great project to practice knitted in I-cord and knitted leaves, berries, stars, and bobbles, or whatever suits your fancy.

Kathleen said...

Oh, and makes a great gift wrap instead of fumbing around with tape and wrapping paper! Make an "anything" bag! A reusable gift bag! A make-up bag! A long narrow purse! Modify it to be whatever you like. :o)

CAMILLA said...

Hi Kat,

Great knitting projects there, love the mittens, definately come in handy during the cold winter months. I shall be looking for a tea cosy soon, my one has seen better days.

Ah, love the photo of your dog, gorgeous eyes.


Iron Needles said...

Is there a pattern/guideline for the wine cozy? Such a good idea for gifting bottles of wine!

Love the mittens, too!

Margaret Cloud said...

Kathleen have you ever made something to keep your nose warm in the winter, thanks for stopping by my blog.