Aug 24, 2008

Wallace TV

Check out Wallace the pit bull, high-flying Frisbee-catching dog extraordinaire! Check out all his frisbee buddies, too!


Wooly Works said...

How sad that perfectly wonderful dogs are outlawed in some areas because of irresponsible and stupid owners. Pit bulls have to be the most misunderstood breed in history. I, personally, have never met one I didn't like and who wasn't smart, sweet and lovely, but then again, my friends don't train their dogs to be fighting dogs and they don't abuse them until they hate humans. If they did, they wouldn't be my friends. Can you imagine bright and brilliant Wallace being turned into a fighter?

On a sillier note, I noticed that there were no Labrador retrievers in the mix. I'm having visions of Bloke breaking ribs as he launched over me to catch his frisbee--my ribs!! Oh the carnage! Wouldn't it be a hysterical to see a basset out there competing?

Kathleen said...

It looks like most of the dogs are border collies or BC mixes, except for Wallace and the 3rd place black dog, which does look like a lab to me.

It's not difficult to train a pit bull to do anything. They are so eager to please that they will literally do whatever their person asks, once they understand what it opposed to Celeste, who is so independent that she still can't imagine that she has to follow directions every day:

"What? Sit? Again? I can't believe it! Do I HAVE to?"

Eve said...

I have a little dog that has unbelievely short legs for his long body. I don't think he could ever to do that. But Wallace is sure a winner, isn't he?