Aug 23, 2008

walking with Celeste

More tour with Celeste:
Typical multi-family houses here in this area. Let's go past the Universidad del Pacifico! Very modern and beautiful!

Here's Club Moquequa. We've never been inside, but it's a cool color, so we included it. In Peru, many people enjoy painting their homes and businesses with bright and interesting colors. Inside, though, things tend toward the earth tones, or dirt colors, as Celeste likes to say. Maybe that way dirty handprints and pawprints on the walls don't show so much. (Okay Mom, I get the hint!)


Withy Brook said...

Is that lovely dog Celeste? Interesting to one living in boring old Northumberland!!!

Kathleen said...

Yes, this little lovely is the one and only Celeste. She's quite a character! Although I only have the one dog, it sometimes feels like I have a HOUSEFUL of dog.

Margaret Cloud said...
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Margaret Cloud said...

I love that dog and nice color