Aug 10, 2008

photoless far...

We had a virus attack on Friday, in the form of a McAfee 2009 update. It wiped out everything. We had to start from scratch with a newly formatted hard drive. We have no pictures, no files, WAH! Luckily, O has one of those little portable memory things with all his files for the classes he's taking, and luckily I have put photos on my blog here, and have saved things in my e-mail, but everything else is gone. At least we have a working computer, and didn't have to buy a new hard drive or something! And, since we're here in Peru, where it costs less than half of what it might cost in the US for repairs. O almost cried when he thought we'd lost Celeste's baby pictures, but - TA DA! They're here, on the blog, and some are on Flickr.

So, with a clean hard drive, I get to start to fill it up again, and I'm also going to get MYSELF one of those little portable memory thingies to save photos and patterns and whatever on.

My classes this month have doubled. Last month I had a leisurely 2 classes: one at 7 - 8:30am and one at 8:30 - 10:00 pm; a nice part-time job, working 4 hours daily, Monday through Saturday. Now I have 4 classes, still starting at 7 am, and ending at 10 pm, but my afternoon is full with the other two classes, and I have one class to observe in the morning, too. I'm tired. I have about 3 free hours to go home in, and in that time, I sleep. Not that working 8 hours is such a hardship for me - I've done it all my life! - but the schedule is hard to get used to.

My classes are delightful, though, for the most part. My students are creative and mostly motivated. I am having a blast with them, and I hope they are enjoying the classes, too. Yesterday, my Saturday class presented their projects. The theme was Peruvian folktales. They were to translate a folktale into English and illustrate it with at least one picture. I learned all about the Sun God's children, Manco Capac and Mama Occllo. I also learned about Tupac Amaru and how bats came to be. Very interesting! I think I'll have another class do this folk tale thing again sometime. I loved it and the students had a good time with it, too!

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