Aug 10, 2008

The honeymoon's over

There are a lot of homeless people here (and also a lot of drunks) who sleep in the park or in the median between streets or on the sidewalk. Those places serve as beds and bathrooms to these people.

This morning O took Celeste to the park to run. They left happy! They returned angry, disgusted, and disenchanted with each other.

Apparently Celeste discovered that the trees in the park serve as commodes for the homeless. She went wild. One moment, she was O's darling gal, running free and beautiful...and the next she was this ghastly canine creature, eating a pile of YUCK at the base of a tree. The toilet paper had been left over the pile, but Celeste brushed that aside with a deft flick of the snout. O gagged, then screamed, Celeste took one more big gulp and ran off to fight over another pile with two or three other dogs. By the time O snapped the leash back on Celeste's collar, he was sick to his stomach and outraged that she would lower herself to such an act, and Celeste was outraged that he would have interrupted her at such a lavish meal. They returned to the apartment and without mincing words, O told me that he couldn't look at Celeste today, and why, and went back outside to wax the car - for hours.

Celeste waited for O at the front door, but he didn't come in very soon. When he did, he simply stepped over her and went into the bedroom to change his clothes. She followed him, but he shut her out of the room. Later, after we'd eaten at the table and Celeste had eaten in her crate, he lay down in for a nap and Celeste crept in to find out what his big problem was. Shortly thereafter, I heard Celeste barking at O, O yelling back at her, then he ran out of the bedroom with Celeste close on his heels. He snapped her leash on her again and out they went to the bike path.

Apparently they worked out their differences, because at the moment, they are both in the bedroom, both on the bed.

We had a short discussion about dog habits and those little disgusting things that endear the mutts to us and that completely turn our stomachs. Celeste is the first dog that O has shared his living space with. She has taught him a lot, and obviously opened his eyes to dog life, but I know this morning, she went too far. By the time they arrived back at the apartment, she knew it, too. I think he has forgiven her now, but there are no kisses being given there.

The honeymoon is over and reality has set in.


wildtomato said...


Dogs are gross. My dogs like to snack on kitty rocas. Bleh!

Pondside said...

Poor O - it's one of those things about the dogs that we love...they have some habits that defy belief! Rosie found some bear scat yesterday and had a good roll in it - yech!!!!

Wooly Works said...

Oh, what would O do with Sunny's green necklaces and rotting carcass toys? The human aspect does make it more disgusting, however.

Kathleen said...

Kitty rocas, what an artistic way to talk about poo...that sounds almost like almond roca...the candy? Wait a minute!!! What am I saying?!?! BLECH!!!

We talked about the roling in poo and dead stuff...I explained about Sunny and how he proudly wears his own green necklace from time to time. O couldn't believe it. I tried to explain that the whole deal is from a survival instinct, even though our dog only needs to stalk bowl of food in the morning. O looked at me kind of skeptically, but I think he accepted the explanation.

I guess we should thank our stars that Celeste didn't decide to slather herself with nasty stuff, as well as eat it. We're not just talking about the occasional "sidewalk pate" in this case.

JC said...

Our park was like that for quite some time, around the time I got Avery. Traz found the same thing Celeste did. I was so sick I nearly lost it right then and there. I want to think he understood that he just can't do that again, but I would be more inclined to think he just hasnt run across "that" again. At least they made up and got on with the day. I'm not sure my husband would have been so forgiving of "that" We love them no matter what (most days, ha ha ha)

Rani said...

Tell O to be happy that Celeste is not eating her own poo. That can happen.

What a hilarious story. I mean. . . well . . . someday O will laugh about it. . . right? ;-)

Carrie and Kris (& Banjo) said...

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Margaret Cloud said...

Dog habits are not for the weak, we tried to teach our dog not to eat her own you know what, no success, so we keep it picked up outside, I am glad they have forgiven each other.

Kathleen said...

Oh, we went through that "eat your own" phase when Celeste was a pup. A couple of times, I was gagging, but O never witnessed it. She got over it when "her own" made her puke, and she's never gone back to that...thank goodness.

I thnk I need to post something new...I'm getting some really disgusting flashbacks of Celeste's puppyhood.

Kathleen said...

Teresa - I've sent you an e-mail under the fuzzknitter address.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I see you are an animal lover. Wonderful! Me too. I'm a foster mom for a mama cat and four kittens at the momment. But, Celeste would have also freaked me out!