Aug 20, 2008

Down the street

"I don't know what 'Sonccollay' means."
This morning Celeste and I took a walk down the bike path. You have already seen part of the bike path to the left. This time we went to the left. Join your tour guide, Ms. C., to take a stroll past one of the most requested restaurants in Lima, Sonccollay.

If you look closely, you can see the sign that says, "SONCCOLLAY".

They specialize in Pre-Incan cuisine. I have never tried their food, but I love passing by their place. In summer, they set their outside tables with Incan-style pottery. I don't know if people really eat using this pottery but it looks very interesting. Now, in winter, the pottery is taken inside because of the daily drizzling rains that ruin unfired pottery if left out in it.

Isn't it an interesting-looking place? I think Pre-Incan cuisine includes the purple potato, purple corn, and alpaca meat or llama meat.
Tomorrow: more of the sights along the bike path.


Rani said...

I want to be sitting at that table with a cold coke from the bottle and a plate of purple potatoes. What a cool spot!

Great post!!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a colorful walk! If you decide to eat at that interesting restaurant, let us all know what it's like!