Aug 4, 2008

Avocado Annie and a knit-along

Remember last year, when I started a couple of avocado trees in jelly jars? And remember how Celeste loved one of them to death? Well, the OTHER one has survived - survived Celeste love, survived living nearly a year in a tiny clay pot, AND survived being transplanted into a nice-sized pot. Here she is, Avocado Annie:

I spent my weekend doing some experimenting. I plied a lace weight yarn with itself, and loved the results! So, I did some more, and these are going to be my next knit-along socks. The first skeins I plied (I believe this is known as "cabling") were grass green and "Pasture Berries" colorways. I really like this combination. It makes a little more substantial yarn for socks, which I need because my choice of dpns is limited to size 3 and size 8. Nothing smaller, nothing larger, and nothing in between.

And the second pair of skeins that I plied were in the "Pasture Berries" colorway.

After I finish my first Odyssey Rock Ranch knit-along socks, and have figured out all the mistakes that I made along the way, then I'll use this one to make a "good" pair - hopefully no mistakes. Right now, after ripping and ripping out row after row, then re-knitting to rip again, my yarn is getting a little fuzzy-looking. My mantra these last couple of days has been, "I'm smarter than the string...I AM smarter than the string...", which brings me to a picture of my first sock in this knit-along (like my tanned leg? heh, just overlook the stocking...I'm just home for lunch and Had to see how my sock was coming along):

I'm not done with it, obviously, but am closing in on the foot! The clock pattern is messy, but my second try at this will be much better, I promise! I have been learning SO MUCH with this project, and having fun with it, too! So grab your needles and join me on the Great Wooly Works Knitalong!


Iron Needles said...

Nice sock!

I know of WoolyWorks only through Ravelry and her blog/website. I saw her comment, and put 2 and 2 together.

Re: your comment about micro cars. Isettas and the rest at the show were all 'vintage' cars. My sister's is a 1957 model.

Rani said...

I love that blue sock. What is that brown doily thingy in the picture? That's pretty cool, too!

You are getting quite skilled with the spinning thing. I keep repeating to myself, Thou Shalt Not Spin, Thou Shalt Not Spin, but yesterday, while in my LYS, they had a new section just for roving. AAAaaaaaaaaH! I must stay strong.

my love to annie and celeste!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Your photos of gorgeous wools have inspired me to go beyond scarves! So, I've signed up for a knitting class in September! I'll let you know how it goes!