Sep 1, 2008

My New Buddy

See my new little buddy over there on the side bar? His name is Pachacutec, after somebody who was back in Incan history...somebody famous enough to have a street named after him, but I haven't done my homework, so I don't know who he is yet. Anyway, my little Pachecutie loves to have his head rubbed, so just but the cursor on his face and give him a good rub. He'll follow you wherever your cursor goes. Isn't he a good boy? If you click on him, he'll talk to you in that llama "hmmm" voice and you can feed him by clicking on the "m" in the lower right hand corner of his box. Don't be shy! Play with him! He loves the company!

You too can have a little cutie like this or choose a different pet. Just click on the bottom of the box where it says, "adopt your own virtual pet".


CAMILLA said...

Hello Kat,

What a dear little Pachecutie, I have tickled his chin, and fed him, really is a cutie.!

I would dearly love to add a pet to my blog page, went over to the link Kat, but not sure which one I have to click onto ie, facebook etc. Which one did you click?

Thank you.


Margaret Cloud said...

You are right there is on Google the history of Pachacutec, I think he was Inca decent. Your little critters are so cute. I have the Horse and the Black Cat on my home page.