Sep 27, 2008

Hair styles among the masses

I love going to work. It gives me an opportunity to observe people. This month, I had to observe a Basic 1 class - the class for adults who are just beginning to learn English. Most of them were teenagers and they take their fashion statements more seriously than their studies.

One young man came to class every day with his longish black hair carefully blow-dried forward to cover his eyes. I'm not sure exactly how he managed to read or navigate through the hallways, because I could never see anything of his face above the upper lip. He was a tall, very thin person who seemed to be wearing his big brother's pants. His nails were quite long and he always wore black. To complete his look, he topped his black outfits with a hooded black sweatshirt, always worn with the hood up, even in class.

A very popular hair style among the young men is a pseudo mohawk. The sides are not shaved, but the long hair on the top of the head is pasted up into a tall ridge with a lot of stiff hair goop. When I see this style, I immediately think "pin-head", but have yet to meet a real pinhead. Most are very nice, only experimenting with styles.

Still another young man wore his hair carefully "tousled" in kind of a swirl around his head. The hair rebelled and escaped the swirl in places, sticking out straight and sometimes hitting the person sitting next to him as he turned his head.

One of my own tall, thin students arrived with his shaggy ringlets pushed up into a curly mushroom on the top of his head, using a girl's plastic circular headband like my daughter used to use when she was a teenager. The curly mushroom settled between two heavier, shorter pinheads.

I thought the girls were fashionistas, but it's really the guys who are into their "look", especially when it comes to hair.

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