Sep 27, 2008

New Projects on the spindle

I've begun spinning She Sells Sea Shells. The target projects are socks and "Le Slouch", a beret by Wendy Bernard. I'm looking forward to these projects. They should be quick and relaxing, once the yarn is spun up. I hope to have enough yarn to complete both projects.

"She Sells Sea Shells" is a colorway from Enchanted Knoll Farm. According to Josette, proprietress of Enchanted Knoll Farm, it's a "blend of rose/shell pink, light gold undulating to dark brown and cream mixture of a decidedly feminine but very earthy color array. When spun, the colors mingle, lighten, deepen, and blend into varying shades of themselves, which reminds me of the rainbow of colors inside a sea shell. There's some dark corriedale/merino as well as a healthy dollup of rose targhee and some gorgeous tussah silk."

I know virtually nothing about sheep and their wool. What I do know is that the blend of the different wools makes a fun and interesting spinning experience for me. I've spent most of my spinning this year with superwash merino, blue-faced leichester, and Romney blends, but all in their separate batts. The combination in these "Sea Shells" batts is everything wrapped into one batt, but not so totally blended that everything fades into everything else. If you are spinner and you enjoy interesting and beautiful colorways and fiber blends, think about this one.

I'll post pictures as I progress through the spinning.


Kary said...

Hi Kathleen ... Not spinning the KSBs ... yet! gggg Suffice to say, I ran away for a few days & didn't feel like packing them up with the yarn! They will be back. Hope all is well!

Rani said...

Whooop! Sounds exciting. Looking forward to the pics!

Kathleen said...

I've got about an ounce of it spun up and it's very nice fiber. My only criticism so far is that there is more vegetable matter in it than I expected, so to remove it, I'm doing more pre-drafting than I had originally planned to. But I do know that sheep are farm animals and, having grown up on a farm, I am no stranger to plant material. So this is not a complaint, but a comment for spinners and knitters.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well, I've finished my beginning knitting class and am on to the advanced one! Am having so much fun and have knitted a most professional looking scarf, if I do say so myself. But oh, so much more to learn!! The colour of this yarn is gorgeous! You are an inspiration!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Can't wait to see your pictures