Sep 15, 2008

Socks and news from Wooly Works!

Take a look at what's new over at the Wooly Works! They've got new babies! They've also got alpaca fleeces of all colors and mohair fleeces in white, rose gray, and black, and do custom processing and blends, so get yerself over there and ask about your favorite alpaca fiber!

These are my Odyssey Rock Ranch socks, done in the knit-a-long. Aren't they pretty? everything is 100% alpaca, except for the heels, toes, and cuff decorations. Soooo comfy and soft! You need this yarn! Get it here!

This is "The Ranch Sock", modified a little from the Odyssey Rock Ranch pattern. This sock is done in handpainted alpaca from Odyssey Rock Ranch, but with toes, heels, and cuff decorations done in my handspun with BFL fiber from Maggie's Farm, Inc. I only have one finished, with the second one on the needles.


Posh Totty said...

Fab socks, they look so cosy. I always have freezing cold feet so love socks with a passion hehe!!

By the way I found your blog via my black box :o) Xx

Virtual Voyage said...

Lovely blog. Years since I knitted socks - came via the Black Box.