Sep 14, 2008

Book on the way

Yesterday I got notice that my first ever spinning book has been shipped. Yeay! I've been spinning and spinning, but I'm mostly self-taught. Now maybe I'll get a few pointers and instructions on new techniques to try. I've read the reviews on this book, both pro and con, and if nothing else, nearly all say that this book is great for inspiration. Some say there is great instruction and info in the front of the book; others say that it's a coffee table book with great pictures. Whatever it is, I'll be sure to get something out of it. I'm a visual learner and love lots of pictures.

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Wooly Works said...

I've looked at this book. I have a couple of others, but this one looks really good. There's another one by Maggie Casey from Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder. There have been excerpts from it in Spin Off magazine and it looks good, too. Do you get Spin Off? Good luck with the inspiration part. I sometimes get so inspired that I can't decide what to do first. You're more disciplined than I am, though.