Aug 23, 2007

Wednesday weavings

I'm finished with the skirt portion of my latest project. Now all that's left is the border at the bottom edge. That is taking more time than the whole upper skirt took! I've decided on a different motif for snowflakes. I changed to a leaf style of motif, and really like the looks of it. Connecting the motifs to the skirt will be a little challenge, since the skirt was designed for snowflakes, but I don't think it should be too difficult. The snowflakes just didn't inspire me when they were done all in one color - gray. I'm still scattering a few beads here and there on the motifs, and will have beads on the final lower edge when the skirt is finished.

Celeste and I went walking in the rain today. It's been raining off and on for the last week. Rain here is not really that cut loose and pour kind of rain; just drizzle. Things are wet and chilly outside, but inside we are all comfy - crocheting, watching soccer, and sharing a bag of chips between the three of us: O., Celeste, and me. Days like this are sometimes dreary for me, but when I have plenty to keep me occupied, I'm fine. It also helps to know that everything is fine with my family at home. My daughter has been writing me a lot more than usual, which thrills me to no end (seriously!), and I talked with my dad yesterday.

I spent the morning preparing for my conversational class this evening. I hope several people come. One of the instructors here at the institute wants to attend! We talked yesterday about pronunciation. She is dissatisfied with her pronunciation. Although she has studied and taught English for 25 years, she feels that her pronunciation is terrible. Actually, I don't think it is. She has an accent, of course, and keeping up with the evolving language and all its idiomatic phrases is difficult, but honestly I think she speaks quite well. She just doesn't sound like an American nor does she sound British. She sounds like a Peruvian, which is perfectly acceptable to me.

We went out to eat a few days ago, and I had una causa rellena con cangrejo (layered potato pureè filled with crab meat. Yummy! I'd never had causa before, but have always been curious about it. I'll hunt for a recipe. For now, here is a picture of causa rellena con camerones (shrimp).


Pondside said...

Good heavens - that looks interesting! How many people does one of those serve? Is it a regional specialty? I'm going to google it.
Make sure to post a pic of the skirt when it's finished.

kathleen said...

One of these only is meant to serve one person, and it's a starter at that...For me, it's a meal, but for most Peruvians, it's just the first course.

wildtomato said...

That dish looks familiar. I've either had it at a restaurant in Berkeley or San Francisco during dungeness crab season. Yet another reason to buy a timbale.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

The way the weather is at the moment you may as well walk in the rain. I think it's sometimes quite satisfying. The sun is shining however today - it could be a scorcher!

Crystal xx

Posie Rosie said...

Wow that dish looks like a piece of art in itself...almost too good to eat.