Aug 15, 2007

a little music, please

Gotcha, Papa

Yesterday morning, something happened close to our building...but I don't know what. All the dogs in the building knew, but I didn't. Maybe a little tremor, maybe an ambulance closer than usual - I don't know. But all the dogs barked and made a ton of noise. In the midst of Galo barking and the cocker spaniel upstairs yelping, I noticed a delicate little voice, almost musical. I looked at O., and he looked at me - neither one of us were singing. Celeste sat in the living room, looking out the window and then tipped her nose toward the ceiling and sang a beautiful little tune in that delicate, musical little voice. Not loud, not mournful, just high, sweet and tuneful. Not at all what I was expecting. Her usual "inside voice" is a mixture of barking and yodeling, and I half-expected her singing voice to be something similar. It only lasted a couple of moments, and then whatever it was passed. But now I know that Ms. Blue Eyes follows the rest the family, and can sing for her supper, if necessary.

Now, if we could just teach her to play the banjo. The photos below are a little fuzzy, because I'm always trying to take the picture before she moves. Celeste can only be still for a few seconds at a time, when she sees a camera come out. Then she tries to look inside the lens and that makes a rather dark close-up.

I finished the garnet sweater and also finished a dark brown capelet. Celeste is here, modeling the capelet. It is dark brown acrylic, cheap but warm, and in this photo, Celeste is modeling the garment with a rhinestone pin from Walmart. Very chic, very stylish, very dramatic for the young Siberian diva.


wildtomato said...

She's a diva, for sure!

I cannot wait until you are on Ravelry. You'll have to add this picture to the Knitted Furmiliation group, although Celeste looks far too noble to be humiliated.

toady said...

Celeste has such wonderful eyes and look tres tres chic in her cape. Toady

wildtomato said...

I am hoping that you and your family are okay! I just read about the earthquake.

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

oh, who shaved poor celeste? her bewootiful husky fur is gone. doesn't she get sunburned? one of our rescue dogs came in all shaved and it was so very sad. But her caplet is very pretty, esp with her bling pin

The Country Craft Angel said...

Oh, just look at her-what a picture!!

Just catching up (annual holidays here) Had trouble finding you at first, think you may have had a name change but found you via Toady.

Heard about the earthquakes and had to make sure you are ok. How awful and it brings it home when someone we 'know' may be affected.

Hope you are all well.
warm wishes

Pondside said...

Hello Kathleen - I've been concerned about you and yours ever since hearing about the earthquake yesterday. Would you post a note somewhere so that we'll know you're okay?
Reading your latest post, regarding your dog knowing that something is wrong, and then knowing that there has been a quake was very strange.
I live in a quake zone too, but that I don't think one is ever really ready.

FunkyMunky said...

Oh how beautiful she is! And that colour really suits her doesn't it? We're all quite worried as we've heard there's been an earthquake in your part of the world and what with the unusual behaviour of the dogs ... please let us know you're ok.

Thank you very much for the recipe by the way. It sounds delicious and I can't wait to try it. Will let you know how it goes!!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Hi Kathleen

Have just heard about the Earthquake in Peru and that coupled with the dogs howling in your blog . . . well everyone on Purplecoo is hoping that you are ok.



Suffolkmum said...

Thinking of you Kathleen - hope all is OK with you in Lima after the awful news.

kathleen said...

Thanks for your concern, everyone! We're okay here, just lost power for a day and a half. It's just come back on now, so I'll be posting an earthquake update.

Guiness & Shiloh's Family - No one has shaved Celeste - she's just not gotten a big hair coat yet. Maybe it's because she's living here in a warmer climate, or because she's just 7 months old, but we're still waiting for her Husky coat to come in. Maybe she's not all Husky...time will tell!