Aug 20, 2007


Taliesin is 1/4 Peruvian medium/dark brown. He's grown into a lovely young jr. herdsire in the last year and will begin his breeding career this spring. Each shearing shows a better and better fleece. Couple that with his outstanding conformation and strong bone and he makes a very nice male. We'll see if he can pass on all of that to his offspring.

A son of Tessa and Black Knight, Taliesin is for sale for $5000 USD. For more information, contact Suzzanne here.


wildtomato said...

What a lovely alpaca! I have 3 pounds of chocolate brown alpaca fiber that I need to wash, card, and spin. They are such noble looking animals.

drowseymonkey said...

Hi - I'm new to your site and really enjoying all the pictures. What a beautiful animal! I don't know anything about alpacas but they look like they are very gentle. Such sweet faces!!

kathleen said...

WT - now that you've got your new wheel, you can spin that three pounds of alpaca up in no time flat!

Drowsy monkey, welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments! I hope you come back again!