Aug 8, 2007


This month, I have 4 classes! I have my regular daily class and the Monday-Wednesday-Friday class. And in addition, I have a conversation class on Saturdays and another conversation class Thursday evenings. Wooohooo!

I taught my first conversation class last Saturday. It was very interesting because there were people there from all different walks of life. Most were past students of the institute, returning to brush up on their English skills for a specific purpose. One man is a military officer, headed to Africa to work in some facet of the United Nations. His boss will be Canadian, so this man feels the need to be sure of his communication skills. Others are professional people, most dealing with international customers, usually on the telephone. Still others are students of other institutes who want to improve their grades and speaking skills. This past Saturday was a little difficult for me, since I hadn't any idea of what to expect. Now I know, and I have a plan.

Tomorrow is my next conversation class. I can't wait! Although Saturday was difficult, it was so much fun getting the people talking and getting to know them. Actually breaking the ice and getting conversation started was the most difficult. Once they got started, all I needed to do was guide them and help them with pronunciation. We did a group story, which will be continued this Saturday. I gave them a starting point and they ran with it from there. We had a brainstorming session. We practiced introductions and reading - from something other than a text book.

I've finished the basic structure of the garnet sweater and am putting on the collar this morning. I still have to close the seams on the sides and sleeves, but I hope that by tomorrow, I'll be able to wear it to work! I think I'll have enough yarn to make a scarf to go with it.

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WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Well done on your homework - your blogs are amazing - a glimpse into a completely different lifestyle in a very different country - it would such a shame for people not to see your blogs.

The classes sound brilliant - wish I'd had such a good languages teacher when I was at school.

Celeste is beautiful. I am new to your blogs - how long have you had her.

Is there anyway I can buy your knitwear and if you have a website - then you can add it into the links on Purplecoo - there will possibly be an advertising page for Purplecoo members in the months to come.