Aug 28, 2007

the butterfly skirt

I finished the prototype, but my photo taking talent lacks quite a lot. Here it is:

I like it well enough that I plan to make another skirt, not exactly the same, but still a long one, and based on the pattern that this one is from. I'll use a different color and probably a different edging, but this one was fun. The pattern for the motifs at the bottom said that it was a leaf pattern, but it looks more like a butterfly pattern to me. I might use it again - and give it more of a butterfly look than it has now.

Okay, I'm editing with some more photos. Here's the skirt, spead out on the bed.

And a shot of the motif more closely.

And then the border.


Greenwoman said...

Very nice! I really like it!

wildtomato said...

Oh, that is very pretty!

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Gorgeous! I love the color too. I just finished my first crocheted skirt - it's on my blog. Your photography skills are just fine

Blossomcottage said...

It is beautiful I croccheted a shawl for my son when he was born with a similar pattern, beuatiful colour you are very talented.

Kary said...

WOW - it is terrific! A real beauty .... you really created a wonderful piece. Congrats!

Rani said...

WOW! That is SO pretty!!! Once again, an example of why crocheting is NOT nerdy. I love it!

wildtomato said...

Oh, that border is so sophisticated! I need to learn how to crochet.

I spun some alpaca today and it was so much easier than the BFL I've been learning on. It practically spins itself!

And, yes, that is a rain coat made specifically for dogs. :)

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

There is a lot of work in that - well done. Personally I wear skirts with more flare out when you move - because they suit me better - but you skirt will look lovely.

Pondside said...

Beautiful work!!
Your camping trip sounds like it was fun! I well remember that Siberian woowooowoo. My first dog was a Siberian named Star - never got over the pulling instinct!!