Mar 30, 2008

It's yarn now

Yep, I just finished plying the strands that I was spinning yesterday. It's yarn now!

Only about 70 yards of it so far, but lots more to spin and it's already in the works.

Redundant again, but you know I love looking at my own work! And I have no other photos to post, not even a new one of Celeste, so I put up all three that I took this afternoon. In the previous photos, you can even read a few lines from "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", if you get tired of looking at the yarn.


Leslie said...

I never seem to get tired of looking at hand-spun yarn and your's is just beautiful! (sigh) Waving to you from afar...from the wise woman forum!

Wooly Works said...

Nice colors. It's nice that you have some extra time these days to spin. I'm taking a class at the Denver alpaca show on spinning those curly hairy mohair yarns. I hope that helps my flagging motivation the way this gorgeous wool has for you.

Kathleen said...

My extra time is because I didn't get any morning classes this month. So, I guess it's good in the fact that I have more time for myself, but it means I'm earning less money, too.

yarnplayer said...

Beautiful yarn! Looks like you used a natural gray with subtle touches of lovely purples, aqua, and yellow green - excellent! The texture is so interesting too, with the varied "bumpiness". This is art yarn!