Mar 29, 2008

A quick visit to the artisan market

Mom, can we go to the artisan market?

It's a nice day and everyone is out walking on the bike path. Let's go see what's happening.

What's that interesting smell?

Look! It's the Mini Mundo! Mini Mundo is the children's park that's just a hop and a skip from our apartment building. We've never visited it, but it looks like fun. Unfortunately, pets aren't invited.
Here we are, at an entrance into the artisan market! Can we go inside? Can we? Huh, huh? Can we?

I bought a couple of very nice cotton sweaters from this lady. I'm not sure if she does the knitting or if someone else does, but I love them. Very cool, easy to wash, and they don't retain odors. Nice to have, in a climate lke this.

Bag world, I think.

This is my favorite ceramics and pottery stall. The lady to the right gives good discounts to returning customers.

Okay, mom, I'm tired. And this curb is getting kind of hard to sit on. Can we go now?

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