Mar 10, 2008

in the mail

Today I got an extra special surprise from Maggie.

A whole big box full of beautiful spinning batts! Gorgeous colors and the fleece is so soft.

O laughed when he saw it, saying that I need to stop ooohing and aaahing and get spinning if I wanted to get it all spun by year's end.

He's probably right, but I need some ooo - aaah time first, and then I'll spin.

I've got my mornings free this month, so I'll have more time to spend knitting and spinning and playing with Celeste. Last month and the first of this month was hard on her, because both of us were working early mornings, when she normally has time with smeone to go walking and running. We're back to normal now and starting tomorrow, I'll only be working afternoons and evenings, so Ms. Blue Eyes will have her "me time" as well.

And here is O, computer geek, pharmacist, and the nicest and most patient and honest guy I know, except for my own father.


wildtomato said...

You're so lucky! What a wonderful gift. I can't wait to see what you spin and knit with those.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

I would ooooh and ahhhhh at the yearn to - but for me it would be frustrating because I wouldn't know what to do with it - but for you it is only the start.

Lovely picture of O - but what is that pipe sticking out of the computer. Don't tell me it is to collect the emails to send them on their way as you do things differently in peru . . .sigh . .

Wooly Works said...

How long will it take you to spin all of that up on your spindle? Whew! Overwhelming is what I'd say, although the pictures just make me want to hug the stuff and sigh heavily. Is it all merino?

Kathleen said...

I figure I'll be working at this for quite a while. There are 7 large and heavy batts - about 3.5 pounds of fiber altogether. I'm not sure if the wool is merino - Maggie has Blue-faced Leichesters there at her farm, and I can't tell one wool from another after it's been sheared off the sheep. I'm not very educated in how the wool is from different types of sheep.