Mar 27, 2008

More Late-night Handspinning

Handspun green wool. One skein plyed with opalescent monofilament, one skein 2-ply wool. About 100 yards each. Handspun by me on the drop spindles. This is my first spinning project of any amount for a couple of years, as you can tell. A little messy looking, but knittable.

I am currently spinning wool from Maggie's Farm, gorgeous stuff, but when I took the pictures, they turned out way too dark. I'll take them again in the morning and show you what I'm doing.

What's in the spinning queue? Behold:

"Dragonfly" handspinning batts from Enchanted Knoll Farm. Beautiful! 4 oz.

"Lovers In A Rose Garden" handspinning batts, from The Knotty Sheep. Romney/Montdale/Suffolk cross with handpainted tussah silk, fushcia pink Peace fleece wool, and mint sparkle angelina. Yummy!

"Wood Elves" and "Johnny Jump-ups" hand-dyed silk rovings from Enchanted Knoll Farms, four 1 oz braids.

And the bike path in front of my block, approaching the "Mini Mundo" children's park on the left. Take the next right and you'll be standing in front of my apartment building, which is the tall building on the far right of the photo. Please come and visit! We'll take the bike path to the artisan market at the opposite end of the block. Photos of that tomorrow, too. I promise.


wildtomato said...

Such pretty batts, yarn, and roving! I can't wait to see more of it spun up.

Rani said...

Well, how warm is it? Still cold up here. Buggers.

The roving is stunning! I. WILL. NOT. TAKE. UP. SPINNING. I won't I won't I won't.

But I'm drooling over your yummy fiber.

Your green sparkley yarn looks wonderful! What will you make with it?

Wooly Works said...

What can you make with 100 yards of yarn? I like the dark green a lot and I think messy is good. It'll be great knitted up.

Kathleen said...

Yeah, well that's the problem, isn't it. What can I make with 100 yards. I can make a hat or...hmmm. I guess it's a hat. Maybe we can just list it on Etsy and some creative soul will fall in love with it and buy it.

Kary said...

o Kathleen! I am delighted that it arrived - YAY!! I am just tickled that you love "Lovers in the Rose Garden" ... all your new fibers are just delicious!