Mar 1, 2008

late night handspinning

Uuuufff...someone must have a birthday tonight. There's loud music coming from next door. It's nice music, but LOUD. So, while I've been enjoying this LOUD music, here's what I've been doing:

It's a sample of silk roving that I received in the mail from Farm Witch. I've not spun anything for a while, but finally, the bug bit me again. And I've never spun silk before. I like it! I plan to ply this bit of silk with an opalescent monofilament for prettiness and to add some strength to those thinner spots in my spinning. And then what will I do with it? I don't know...maybe make a sock toe or two from it.

How do you like my ceviche pan? Hehehehehe...makes a nice background.

The neighbors are now singing with the really loud music. Celeste is having better luck at sleeping than I am.

Stop that snoring, Celeste!


wildtomato said...

Your spun silk looks fabulous! I just started spinning silk, and after I got used to how "sticky" it is, I enjoyed it.

Celeste, as always, looks stunning. She looks so calm.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh poor you I do hope the LOUD music and singing didn't go on for too long . . .love the silk though - have never spun anything although have watched it being done at craft fairs. The spinners made it look so easy. Then watched a novice have a go . . . oh dear . .

Big doggy hug to Celeste . . .

Rani said...

OH! That dog is so darn cute. So peaceful!

The spinning looks fabulous! I've never tried that before. But there is something really cool about spinning something that was meant to be spun. Silk. The color is just lovely!