Apr 1, 2008

just tree stumps...?

Lately I have been finding these around my neighborhood:

I'll be interested to see the owl when it's finished. Right now it looks like it's a work in progress.

Sometimes I see them with garlands of flowers and rosaries draped on them, other times I see them with flowers, offerings of wine or Inca Cola, and chocolate. However they are meant, I think they are a great alternative to graffiti, although we have our fair share of that, too.


Wooly Works said...

The artistic spirit can find an outlet anywhere. They're really pretty amazing pieces of art. The religious stuff doesn't do much for me, I'm sorry to say, although the artists are gifted nonetheless.

Kathleen said...

I don't really care what kind of art it is, as long as it isn't graffiti and it isn't filthy. We seem to have an uninspired graffiti artist in our neighborhood...always the same illegible scribbling. And pornography seems to be everywhere. I much prefer the carvings.

In Los Angeles, the grffiti artists were given a public outlet for their works, but the requirements were that it had to be tasteful and artistic - not the scribbling gang emblem - and they turned out a beautiful group effort; murals on the retaining walls of the city underpasses and streets. We need something like that here.

Laurie said...

This is beautiful. You know I am from New Orleans, and we have lots of stumps left over from Hurricane Katrina. What a great idea. I had a stump in the backyard, but I planted a ginger plant that has almost enclosed the whole stump. Maybe a memorial face to Katrina would have been better!

Greenlee's Forest said...

Kathleen, that is wonderful art. I've not seen anything quite like it! Amazing... :)

K, I've written you a couple of times and I fear you might not be getting my emails. I've had some problems with it and I thought it had resolved itself, but I worry it hasn't. If you haven't gotten my emails and want to, please let me know! :)