Apr 15, 2008

Meet Sombra

This is Sombra, my adopted lamb. Her name means "Shadow" in Spanish. She's a high-percentage Blue-faced Leicester lamb, born in December. I adopted her from Maggie's Farm. I'm thrilled with her and am looking forward to watching her grow up! There's no other way I could enjoy a lamb of my own, living here in a high rise apartment building, even if I am only on the 2nd floor. This is the next best thing!

With my adoption, I get:

1. A framed picture of my lamb.

2. A brief bio of my lamb including parents, any remarkable circumstances of his/her birth, breed history and characteristics. I chose a name for my lamb, and a tag with that name will be attached to her ear.

3. Monthly reports on my lamb's growth, activities, diet, vaccinations, worming, or anything Maggie thinks I will find interesting.

4. When it's time to shear my lamb I will receive the raw fleece. She will put coats on all the adoptees to protect it and keep out any vegetable matter (hay, burrs, etc.) If, for some reason, my lamb's fleece is not up to processing standards I will receive a similar fleece. A fever may cause a weak spot, or "break," in the fleece...but I will be informed if my lamb is ill and we can anticipate any problems with the wool.

5. An invite to a "Meet Your Lamb" picnic on Maggie's farm, in beautiful Brookfield, Central New York.

I also plan on adopting a mohair goat from Woolyworks later in a month or two. I have to save up a little first. Check them out! They also have alpacas for adoption , and oooo, they're gorgeous! Saving up for that one too!

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Wooly Works said...

Nice color! You should get loads of sock wool out of that one! How about a nice wool alpaca blend, or maybe some felt for slippers that will keep O's feet warm? Have you tried needle felting the little dogs yet?