Apr 11, 2008


Well, is it a gray morning, or what!? I'm feeling a little like Celeste looks here...not quite moving around yet...we need tea! STRONG tea! Wait a minute...am I wrong, or is that her "don't point that soul-stealing silver box at me" look?

I've been spinning up "Lovers In A Rose Garden", that Kary sent me. It's turning into a beautiful mint green strand with bright pink slubs and a bit of sparkle. I really like it and am hoping that it will spin up into enough to make the project I have in mind.

Sheeesh...what blurry photos I took this morning! Can you tell that the tea hasn't kicked in yet?

I've also been playing with the idea of plying some of it with a strand of white alpaca. This alpaca comes from WoolyWorks and is the softest stuff I've spun in a very long time. I thought, though, in order to stretch the green and to create a little bit of contrasting yarn, that the tweedy look of the alpaca and the "Lovers" might go well together. I haven't reached the point where I can ply them yet, but have twisted a little of each together just to get an idea how the two might look together.

What do you think? The trouble is that I haven't got much of the alpaca left, so would probably only get a small amount of tweedy yarn from it - maybe enough to make a nice trim...Hmmm. Maybe I should just save the white for another project? At the moment, I'm not sure how much yarn the "Lovers in a Rose Garden" with make, plied with itself.

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Pondside said...

Mmmmmm - looks like some exotic, fuzzy sherbet! Delicious colour!