Apr 24, 2008

The socks and a little bread

The finished pair of socks...and yes, another shot, just because I love looking at my handiwork.

Here's a second sock in the almost finished stage. Toes just to finish up. I've actually finished this pair, and have to take a good photo for the "Year In Socks" blog. The only thing about these is that the toes turned out a little square and clunky-looking. My last pair had clunky toes, too. How can I fix that? What's the secret to non-clunky toes?

And lunch yesterday was a thick slice of fried eggplant with marinated onions and mild chilies in salt and lime juice on bread. Not as tasty as a piece of meat or chicken, but still good.

Every morning, we have fresh bread delivered to our apartment. It arrives at 6 am sharp, and it's tied to the handle on the front door of each apartment that orders it. We love it. So do the pigeons, who arrive at 6:05 am. This is the neighbor's bread. Every morning, the pigeons share their bread.

I'm a little more stingy. To keep our bread for ourselves, this is what I've begun to use. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I've outsmarted the pigeons for the moment. Not pretty, but it works. The pigeons think I'm terribly inconsiderate.


The Country Craft Angel said...

I've been away from the site for a while and hardly any time to catch up with blogs-so I didn't click that Kat was you! And you have settled into this site just as I knew you would-told you everyone would love hearing about your life/crafts/animals etc.

Good to catch up on your blogs. With my arthritus I can't knit-really bad on the hands,(although I love crafting of course.)

Really admire your work.

warm wishes

Wooly Works said...

What do you mean by "clunky toes"? I think they look good. My first sock toes were actually pointy and weird looking, so I decreased on every other round for about 4-5 rounds and then finished by decreasing on every round for the rest of the sock. Are you using the Kitchener Stitch (stockinette grafting) to finish the toes?

The eggplant looks tasty on that very nice bread...that the birds haven't picked over. Gads! How can anybody eat bread that pigeons have their way with?

Kathleen said...

I am using the kitchener stitch for the toes. I'll post a picture of the toes to illustrate what I mean. Maybe I'm being too critical of my own work.

CCA - thanks for stopping by! I've missed you!

And yeah, bread picked over by the birds is pretty nasty looking, although Celeste looks at it very longingly as she waits for me to unlock the door. It's always like that when we come back from a walk in the morning. The neighbors just leave it hanging there all morning and there are crumbs all over the place by the time it disappears. I can't imagine that they actualy eat that bread after the birds get at it, but why would they continue to buy it?

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Ah hah - only sell your chunk toed socks to people with chunky toes.

There is a seagull in Scotland can't remember which town who goes into a sweet shop every day and steals a packet of crisps. People have even begun to pay for the crisps so that the shopkeeper isn't out of pocket . . .