Feb 22, 2007

to sell or not to sell...that is the question

I'm sitting here, thinking about opening up an Etsy shop. I could really use some extra money to finance everything I want to buy, yarn-wise. I love the knitting and crocheting, and creating-one-of-a-kind items. The problem is that I don't have enough knitted goods to stock a little store. So I'm thinking about branching out and offering Peruvian artisan objects, too...I wonder how they would go over. I bought the alpaca pot that's in one of the photos I've posted, and I wonder how that might weather the shipping process. I know that most people in the US seem to prefer hand knitted items that LOOK like handknits, and not machine made. Peruvian knitters, on the other hand, strive for perfection in their handknits, to the point that they look like commercially produced articles. I have a hard time selling those, even the ones with intricate intarsia patterns, so I hesitate to invest in very many of those. I think they're beautiful, but they just don't seem to suit the fancy of the people who like my stuff.

Okay, so...an online store. I'll be giving that much more thought, and working on building up a stock to offer.


Leslie Shelor said...

it's a tough call, but etsy is a good venue because you don't have to invest so much in the start up and listing fees. I haven't sold a LOT there but it's steady.

Welcome to Fiber Femmes Web Ring!

Kathleen said...

Steady is all I could ask. Couldn't hurt, might help!