Feb 23, 2007

Avocado Breakfast

Gads, it's 6 am and last night we ate all the bread, all the fruit, all the anything that's worth eating for breakfast.

Searching through the fridge, I can find an egg, half an avocado, a dried up lime, and a piece of stinky cheese. Okay, so I take out the avocado and peel the rest of it, throw out the pit, and mash it up with a little salt and cumin. I chop through the shell of the dry lime and squeeze out what little juice is left inside onto the mashed pile on the plate. Stir that up and let it rest. Then, I crack an egg into the frying pan and let it cook for a minute, while I cut some of the stinky cheese...two slices...and as I turn the egg, I lay the cheese underneath the egg and turn off the heat. The cheese melts and I turn the whole works out onto the mashed avocado mess.

A furtive taste...well! Not too bad! It looks slightly disgusting, but really tastes pretty good. The lime was a waste - there's not enough juice there to add any flavor at all to the avocado or to keep it from turning brown, so it's eat it now, or throw it out.

I eat it...and desperate to find something to write about, I decide to use it as the subject for today's post. Don't try to feed it to the man in your life...he'll look dubiously from the plate to you, from the plate to you, from the plate to you...and then opt for the soda cracker dust that has been sitting on the counter since yesterday, when you stepped on the package and crushed them into smithereens.

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