Feb 12, 2007

garden dreams

I finally got 3 actual plants and potted them today: 2 ivy plants with great vines already, and some kind of little blooming thing that has dark green foliage and bright pink flowers. I love working with plants. It renewed me a bit as I was planting the ivy in clay pots. And I got a little bonus - and earthworm showed itself as I was unwrapping the roots. At first, I thought it was a cutworm or something similar and was about to fling it out the window for the pigeons to share, but nope! It's a little earthworm! I hope I don't overwater and drown the little guy. While I am here, my days of gardening has to be adjusted dramatically...strictly container gardening and indoors at that. I have plans to make the laundry room into not only a laundry, but a space for doing the plant work, too. Not reason I shouldn't make the most of what we have. We bought a fold-up clothes drying thingy today, hahahaha...because Omar is afraid that with a regular clothesline in the laundry room, that he will catch it around his head or neck. So with the folding thing (I hope it works well and isn't one of those "As seen on TV!" cheap things...at least it isn't plastic), I have hopes of a gardening room, too.

And I got a table cloth...a tan background with lots of other colors woven into it...it's a Peruvian textile, and very pretty. I was a little worried about it, because Omar sometimes seems not to want those folkloric and artisan pieces. I picked up a vase, also an artisan piece, but I think it might be a "no water" vase because the inside of it is unglazed, so if I find some particularly beautiful silk flowers, I'll get a few to splash some color around the living room. I like COLOR. Omar seems to like browns and tans...typical man there, I think. The vase is shades of brown and orange with black. Little llamas stand on each side. I would have much preferred something floral and colorful and we saw that, but the Peruvian folk art is just as nice. Next month, I'm going back for a couple of paintings to put on the walls. I asked him about wall hangings, but he said he preferred framed pictures. No rug yet, though. The rug places were all closed today, so maybe that will happen next month, along with the paintings.

I'm still thinking of snagging some cuttings along the sidewalk tomorrow. I saw a batch of spider plants that had new starts coming of them on Friday. If they haven't been trimmed, I'll just nip a few off and drop them into my purse on the way home tomorrow.

Garden dreams abound...and we're heading into autumn here...

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