Feb 24, 2007

Saturday Mornings and Criolla Nights

It's Saturday. Omar went to work at 7 this morning, and will probably be gone till 5 this afternoon. I don't like the fact that he works 6 days a week. It would be nice to be able to sleep in and have a leisurely Saturday, like the rest of the Monday through Friday, 9 - 5 workforce. It will be better when I start work...I hope, though, that they give me a full week's worth of hours. Omar told me that sometimes they don't give teachers many hours. THAT would be the pits. Oh, sure, I'm a teacher, but I if I only teach one class 3 times a week...uuuuffff...still, it's experience, and that should count for something.

If I end up working only part time, it will at least be a place to spend my time and find new friends. That will go a long way towards fighting the winter blues that hit me when the sun is blocked out by the cloud cover. Last year, it seemed like there were 3 months of gray, depressing days that threw me into the dark, bummed out blues. Of course, I felt like I had nothing to do, either, except sit in the house and wait for Omar to come home. This year it's different; we have our OWN apartment, which makes a HUGE difference, and we are in a nicer neighborhood, so I'm not afraid to go outside of my 4-block radius. There's a bike trail through the middle of Jesus Maria and Lince, and I can walk that for hours, when I need to. And a small market nearby to give me something to look at, even if I only have enough money to buy bread. And starting up an online store might help to inspire me to do more fiber work and create some unique pieces.

Last night we went to the Circulo Militar (the officer's club that is just at the end of our block). On Friday evenings, they have Noches Criollas. Live music, and it costs nothing to get in. Of course, they are hoping that you'll buy food and drink, but it's not required. So we had a couple of beers and danced for a few hours. It was fun. The thing about Peruvians is that they love their music (and it really is beautiful music) so much that they want to share it with the whole world...by turning up the volume loud enough that it will blast you right out of the room. There's no escaping the racket. I would prefer to be a little farther away from the blast and conserve my hearing. Still, it was nice to dance for a while, and then walk home in the cool of the night...slightly deaf, but still swaying to the sound of the Latin guitar.

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