Feb 23, 2007

...and lunch at the Sweaty King Restaurant

This morning, we went to Immigrations to get the process started on my residence visa. It's a ton of red tape. Everyone needs to have their hands in every process, maybe so they can justify their jobs, or maybe so no one person gets blamed if there's a screw-up. The system is created around the idea of a lot of offices to visit, long lines to be waited in, and myriad red stamps all over the paperwork. And of course, one has to pay. That is most important. We only got part of the process done. Maybe next week we can go back and finish it. Then we'll have to go to another country to get my visa for living in Peru. Does that make any sense at all? One applies in Peru to live here, then it's necessary to collect the visa in some other country. Gads. Let's do our part to make things hard.

Anyway, after that, we stopped at a restaurant, called El Sudado Del Rey...I, with my non-fluent Spanish, pondered this name for several minutes. "Sudar" means "to sweat". "Sudado" must mean "sweated" or sweaty; "del Rey" meaning "of the King". In my little mind, I came up with the "The Sweaty King". Actually, the restaurant was named for their signature dish, sudado del rey. Omar explained to me that "sudado" is a soup, and there was a large chunk of fish and several cooked shrimp in a huge bowl of piquant tomato soup, with chopped cilantro leaves sprinkled over the top. It really was a good meal. Fish soup isn't what I would go for, if I were ordering, but this really was quite good. Served with rice on the side, it is quite a filling and satisfying meal, without that nasty odor that I associate with fish.

I am impressed with the Sweaty King Restaurant. I hope we visit there again sometime soon!

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