Feb 21, 2007

musings over tea & strawberry jam

Yup, here it is...just past 11 am in Peru, and I am sitting here pondering my tea cup. I have yet to get my shower...I'm dreading the cold water, even though this IS Peru and it's still summer here. Cold water on warmish skin is a shock to the system, no matter where one is. One of things I miss most is my hot water heater at home in Cheyenne. I Do, though, have a very nice cup of tea made of Hierba Luisa (I suspect that it's what I know as lemongrass) and a bun of bread with butter and strawberry jam. Omar's father finally did go home last week, and bless him, he's doing the same garbage to his wife and other family members there in Trujillo. He went on a drinking binge last Friday night and came home Sunday morning, drunk, bloodied, and of course, the center of his little universe. On a more positive note, I now have my laundry room free, since he left, and the bathroom is no longer a multi-purpose area. I can find the good in every situation, if I just look hard enough.

Over the last week, I've been discussing a kimono-style sweater with Zoebird. I hope I can get this made to her satisfaction. I have the yarn - she wants alpaca - and I have an image of the piece in my mind. I just hope she has the same image in her thoughts. Oriental style, assymmetrical, bell sleeves, hip length. Colors of dark chocolate, dark fawn, and champagne.

I took a couple of weeks and made an afghan to throw over the back of the couch. It's done in two big granny squares. I still want to knit some flowers to attach to it, but that can come with time. Now that the basic afghan is done, I can embellish it as my whims hit me. I remember last July, when it was SOOO COLD, and an afghan would be a great comfort on those chilly nights. I have also started a dark blue and white star shrug...just barely started when I dropped it to do the afghan. I think I may pick it up again, and work on it until Zoe B makes her final decisions on her sweater.

I talked to my tax man yesterday and I should be getting some money back this year. Maybe with some of it, we can get a hot water heater! And maybe get the washer fixed so I'm not always washing our clothes in a tub...8 items every two days, depending on how long it actually takes for the washed clothes to dry. I don't really mind that, but sometimes the hamper fills more quickly than I can get the clothes to dry, and there is a perpetual line of dripping shirts hanging in the laundry room.

I would also like to enroll in one of Susun Weed's herbal corespondence courses. I've been wanting to for several years, but never gave myself permission to do it. Maybe this year would be a good time. There are so many herbs and plants here in Peru that I don't know about. I think using them to study with through a correspondence course would be a great way to explore them, and probably safer than my own "chew and spit" method. Maybe the idea of what doesn't kill me will make me stronger isn't that great of an approach?

Just to clarify, I am not normally such a sloth. Yesterday, I went to the institute and taught the model class in intermediate English. That actually was the last step in getting hired there as a teacher. Surprizingly, they accepted me and I start teaching on March 5, so I have about 2 weeks more of sloth-time before I have to start earning my keep. Until then, I'll be cleaning the apartment, washing clothes, knitting, crocheting, and looking for a new and interesting project to make.

Happy sloth-day! I've almost got the nerve to try a cold shower now!

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