Feb 25, 2007

dish cloth

I've begun a crocheted dishcloth of the leftover yarn from the Bohemian Squares sweater. I'm not very inspired, so the little project isn't moving very quickly. I do need one, though, and that's the only reason I'm making it.

I've been using tea of Hierba Luisa in the mornings. I didn't really know what it was, but the flavor is very lemony. I thought maybe it was lemongrass, but a check on the internet revealed it to be Lemon Verbena. Every culinary garden here has a patch of Hierba Luisa. They use it in cooking, and for teas. I've found it to be a very relaxing tisane, and a pleasant digestive aid. A hot cup in the morning gets things moving, although I have the same results with any hot drink in the morning. Okay...probably more info than anyone needs in that last sentence.

I'm feeling kind of icky today, so I think I'll head back to take a nap for a little while.

1 comment:

Kary said...

Oh - do feel better soon! Keep sipping that yummy tea! Hugs!