Feb 5, 2007

scraps of yarn and thought...

So with the scraps of yarn left from the Boheman sweater and some pretty beads, I made a little capelet. I think this might be for myself, but it seems like when I make something that I like, I end up selling it. Almost all of my stuff sold in November at the craft show in Windsor, Colorado, and I'm starting from scratch again. Before I came back to Lims this time, I made 2 sweaters and 2 felted hats...the hats I made for me, and I actually brought the brown one with me, so I think that one will be mine. But I made a wonderful red one that I like better, with a wide brim and a deep crown. It sits down on my head and keeps my ears warm, with no danger of flying off in the wind. The brim is wider than the brim on the brown hat, so I took the one that was more practical to carry on the plane with me...and the red one sits in the closet in Cheyenne. I want it. I miss it, even though I only wore it around the house. I love it. My hat, my beautiful red hat...my kingdom for my hat! Too bad I don't have a kingdom. I don't have my red hat, either.

I'm trying to upload a photo of the lavender hat I made last year. It took a little time for that one to sell, too, but in Windsor, a lady saw it and love it. She was looking for something that would be weather proof, stay on her head, and still look like a hat. I'm glad it found a home.

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