May 31, 2008

On the fiber front...

I've finally gotten batteries for the camera again. So here's what I've been doing lately. Forgive the washed-out look of the photos,'s night time here and it looks like my flourescent energy-saver bulbs are doing a really good job of conserving energy...

First, I made mittens from yarn spun from Maggie's fiber, Bundaflicka Tweed. I knit them, loosely following a pattern in Louisa Harding's book, "Knitting Little Luxuries". I really like the pattern, but this yarn was the first that I'd spun in a really loooong time and it was full of fat-thin-fat-thin segments that let a lot of breeze pass through the mittens. So I gave them a light felting in the bathroom sink. Now they're fuzzy and warm, but not felted hard and thick...just enough that they stop the breeze. I like the color changes in these mittens. I didn't realize at the time that I was spinning that there would be a self striping effect.

And this is what happened when I spun "Squidge", hand dyed superwash merino rovings from Rochelle.

"Squidge" turned into "Tea Roses" after it was spun.

"Superfreak" also arrived with "Squidge", and is waiting to be spun. I have a nice dark blue/purple/black merino that I'm spinning at the moment, and I'm thinking that Superfreak might look pretty good plied with it. I'll have to do a little experimenting before I make the decision.

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Rani said...

Oh, those mittens look so warm.

I LOVE that yarn you spun up! It's gorgeous! I can see that hobby becoming an addiction.