May 3, 2008

Fiber treats for me!

I've been working on a couple of projects this week, but as usual, I can't keep from talking about them till I get some pictures taken. Pictures tomorrow, I think. Also as usual, the batteries in my camera are dead, as well as the battery in my watch. Even Celeste seems to have a dead battery tonight. So, I'll just be talkiing about the recent happenings here in the Peru household.

I finally finished spinning the mint green and pink "Lovers in a Rose Garden" rovings that I got from Kary. I love this yarn and have a project in mind for it. But whew! It took a lot of time to spin up! After I finished with that, I jumped into spinning some silk rovings from Farm Witch and am having a GRRREAT time with them! I've got some worsted weight silk now and some lighter weight yarn, about DK weight with beautiful colors. I'm almost finished with "Wood Elves" and am excited about using it. I also received some gorgeous cranberry colored merino roving from Wild Tomato earlier this week. And, I still have 4 oz of Black Magic Woman and plenty of Bundaflicka Tweed to spin up! So I've got lots of spinning to do!

And, of course, I ripped out the Thunderstorm sock and started over on that. I've almost got the first on done - I'm quickly approaching the toe. This time, I love the way it's turning out! I think I did good on this one, but I knitted most of it from memory, since we went out of town and I took the sock and the yarn, but forgot the pattern at home. And I knitted anyway. Typical me. So hmmm...I hope the second sock turns out to be the same or close to the size of the first sock...

And, I indulged myself yet again, and ordered these rovings and these, too, from Rochelle. I'm excited about them, too! I'm seeing socks from these! Wouldn't they be cool to wear this fall with Birkenstocks?! (Or in my case, Birkenstock knock-offs.)

My next big thing will be to sponsor an angora goat from Woolyworks. You can find all the info about this right here.

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wildtomato said...

I'm so glad you like the roving. I just gussied up my wheel with an elastic, polymer drive belt for the whorl. It's so sweet! Hopefully, I can finish what I'm spinning soon so I can post pictures.