May 11, 2008


As most of you know by now, Last month I adopted Sombra, a gorgeous black ewe lamb from Maggie. This month, I have taken the plunge and adopted a white yearling Angora goat from Woolyworks. This morning, I received a letter from my sponsored child! How well educated this young lady is! I didn't even know goats could write! And she sent me photos of herself - one as a baby and the other as a yearling after her first haircut. Look at her gorgeous horns!

I must say that receiving this letter from my second sponsored child is a bit like getting a letter from a foreign correspondent. So exciting!

(Daisy as a baby)

Here is an exerpt from her letter:


My name is Daisy. I'm almost a year old now and I'm very pretty. People have trouble telling me apart from my sister Lily, but I'm the prettier one, of course. I have black spots on my nose and Lily's nose is pink. Silly people! I'm sending my baby picture so you can see how very pretty I was and how much prettier I am now.

Last week I got my beautiful long coat forcibly stolen from me by these people that take care of me. You can imagine how outraged I was. I let them know all about my feelings, you can be sure. Afterwards they poked me twice with a needle and forced some white stuff down my throat. They told me it was for my own good, but I still hated it. It was a nice day so when they let me go, I ran around the pen, jumped against the shelter, and did about a dozen vertical leaps just to try out my new haircut. I suppose it will do for now.

It got cold a few days later and I huddled in the shelter, feeling very sorry for myself. Today, the wind isn't blowing anymore and I'm really hungry. I wish they would let me out of the pen so I can feed myself, as I surely deserve, being the prettiest on and all.

That's all for now.

Very sincerely and with thanks for adopting me,

(Daisy as a yearling, just after shearing.)

I enjoy so much being able to contribute to the raising of these animals in some way. I know that $100 a year is just a drop in the bucket compared to what it really costs to maintain an animal for a year.

For my $100 yearly fee, I will receive:

1. A framed picture of my goat.

2. Monthly reports and picture updates detailing the progress and activities of my special friend (or in my case, my foreign correspondent).

3. Farm privileges to visit the farm and interact with my animal and his/her herd one on one.

4. Fiber workers take notice! Two raw fleeces per year, one in the spring (April-May) and one in the fall(Sept.-Oct.). If for some reason they deem a fleece to be unacceptable, I will be given a similar fleece as a replacement.

5. Satisfaction of knowing I'm helping prevent the disappearance of the small family farm and providing excellent board and care for a friendly, personable and productive animal.

6. Invitations to shearing days and farm events, including notification of kiddings.

7. If I choose to purchase livestock from them in the future, I will receive 20% off the price of any animal on the farm or 25% off of the price of my adopted animal.

8. Naming privileges for any and all offspring produced by my goatie friend. Choose the name and it will stick!

9. And the greatest part is right here: 50% off the purchase of full mohair fleeces--for fiber freaks!

Two raw fleeces may seem intimidating, but I know that Woolyworks also processes fiber. They're in the process of shearing animals now! Contact them for your mohair or alpaca fiber!

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Wooly Works said...

What a lovely. She looks so grown up in the picture, but she's still such a baby at heart. And, she does get to feed herself outside the pen. Sheesh! I don't know what she's fussing about!