May 23, 2008

End of the week stuff

This week, I've been spinning and knitting and Celeste has been so helpful!

This is merino wool with silk and sparkly stuff. The coin is about the size of a US nickel. There are only 4 oz of this stuff, but it's been slow going. And I'm still working on the red tweed wool from Maggie. There's still about 1/2 pound of that on my sofa, waiting for me to get tired of playing with the merino.

These red mittens are the practice pair of "Elise" mittens, pattern by Louisa Harding (Knitting Little Luxuries). I plan to make a couple of pairs of these. The red ones are mine to wear to work (if I can get them off Celeste!), since they are the first ones, have mistakes, and are of acrylic. I've got to work on those action shots!


wildtomato said...

It looks like Celeste is ready to box!

dcloud said...

Hey, my dog could use a pair of those!